Date: 2011-03-01 09:56 pm (UTC)
You know that you and I are on the same page with the Chloe stuff. Preach it.

////Chloe, at her best, worked as a foil for Lana. I never really bought the two of them as best friends of any sort - if it hadn't been for Clark I do not think they ever would have hung out with each other on their own. It's been said by the producers and Tom Welling himself that Chloe and Lana each represented different aspects of the woman Clark dreamed of. That in order to get the full relationship that he wanted when it came to a mate, he had to break that up between two women: love and sexual desire with Lana and friendship-companionship with Chloe. So Chloe had his confidence and trust, but Lana had his love and desire. Neither girl had both, and would never get both, no matter how much Lana begged for him to really see her and accept and trust her, or no matter how long Chloe unrequited-ly pined for him. ////

This is something that is so clear as day in the overall narrative that it boggles my mind how some people don't see it. Perhaps, it's because at this point there is such a distortion out there about the role that Chloe played on the show and what Clark felt for her. The show canon makes it very clear that Lana was the person that he loved while Chloe was the person he trusted....but somewhere along the line there was this idea in fandom that he loved Chloe too. And yet....that's not. what. happened. on. the. show.
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