Date: 2011-03-02 01:15 am (UTC)
I think as you pointed out, together Chloe & Lana filled Clark's needs. He was in love with Lana but was never comfortable being himself around her, and even before Chloe knew his secret he was more comfortable around Chloe than Lana. I think it was because he wasn't trying to impress her or be a perfect person for her.

Lana could never reach Clark the way Chloe could and I think that is why the Chlark shippers didn't feel as threatened by Lana as they did with Lois. Don't get me wrong, they hated clana. I *hated* clana after season one. However, it wasn't portrayed as a healthy functional relationship. Clark was always running to Chloe for advice and clearly he trusted Chloe emotionally more than he trusted Lana. And oddly enough, not much changed after Lana knew his secret. Chloe was still somebody he relied on as much as he relied on Lana, albeit for different things.

One of the most interesting conversations, mho, Clark & Lana ever had was post Bizarro. Was it Siren? I can't remember. I loved the moment Clark let Lana finally see how angry he was she couldn't tell the difference between Bizarro and himself. I loved when he said "you're supposed to know me better than anybody". It was wishful thinking at its most delusional.

Too bad they didn't end it there and then and focus on transitioning them to friends.

When Clark finally stopped fighting the connection to Lois, and I feel both of them were fighting it, everything changed. Neither of them wanted to grok the other the way they did. The Oracle conversation and Lois saying to Clark she hated that he knew her so well come to mind.

Savior is when we first see Clark realize while he can walk away from most of his ties, he just can't leave Lois. I think they did a good job showing once Clark connected to Lois as the blur he then had somebody to connect to as both people. He could share his blur side with Lois and his Clark Kent side. So he stopped going to Chloe. Chloe called him on it in Metallo.

In Lois he was able to find the best friend,confidant and lover.

I'm sorry, I went totally off topic. I agree with your review of the Chloe arc. I think it was an incoherent mess and makes me wonder why they just didn't write the character off at the end of last season. It was clear to me they had no clue what to do with her.
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