Date: 2011-03-02 08:44 am (UTC)
//The reason I liked Masquerade, even though it was an ep running in this arc was not only because of the strength of the Clark and Clark/Lois plot but because BQM didn't try to whitewash her in nothing but praise and/or quirkiness. He wrote her like a real person who didn't ignore her own faults, or try to make the audience dismiss her faults as just "endearing quirks." It was a Chloe who acknowledged she had no identity of her own anymore. It was a Chloe who's pride was shown to be her defining fault, and almost gave into that, showing fallibility and imperfection. It was a Chloe who seemed like a real character - and in that way a real person - other than the Mary Sue or jack-of-all-trades character she'd been over the last five seasons. If that Chloe had been around for the past five season, I would have smiled and maybe even shed a tear or two that she was leaving.//


I've always had a sort of up and down ride with Chloe' character. She never really made much of an impression on me in S1, and if anything I was mildly irritated by her. By S2, that developed into full blown annoyance. Yet, few characters have managed to win their way back into my good graces the way Chloe did in S3. To me, this was her best year - her character was more realistically portrayed than in any other season, IMO, with her faults being acknowledged, at the same time as her strengths were allowed to shine. And her and Clark were allowed to finally come to a better place of understanding by having them both air their POV', and nothing was one-sided. By S4, I had a lot of expectations, and while I think after S3, this is probably her best portrayal, for me, a touch of staidness had crept in towards the end, with the constant, 'I-know-you-have-a-secret' thing. But like I said, to balance this aspect out she got some really terrific, human moments in there too, that helped define the character for me.

And it's that balance that to me, TPTB completely gave up on S5 onwards. Everythings been progressively downwards since then as far as my response to the character is concerned, because the writers forgot how to portray her as a real person. Suddenly she could do no wrong, Chlark became an incredibly boring dynamic, her scenes with Lois S6 onwards started ringing false, her waffling over Jimmy was annoying, her extreme shadiness wrt the Davis situation and her refusal to admit blame was jarring, and most of all, her disdain for Clark. Really, it's quite a downward spiral, IMO. But the overarching defining aspect of it has been her double standards and arrogance in believing her way is the right way, and refusal to admit her culpability in the subsequent fallout.
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