Date: 2011-04-26 05:30 pm (UTC)
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I agree completely. I also agree that we have not spent as much time with them as a couple this season as rumblings throughout the fandom would suggest....

It's one reason I wasn't all that excited about them getting engaged in Icarus. I wanted to spend more time watching them just be a couple. Like how we saw in Ambush (and I'm not just talking about the opening scene, I mean them thought the whole episode).

Rabid is one of my favorite episodes ever. I think it was a fantastic episode for Clark from start to finish. I think the moment in the farmhouse when he stops the punch is probably one of the sexiest, most intimate---almost ALARMINGLY intimate---moments ever on the series.

I absolutely adore Rabid. And yeah, I know what Clark said in Salvation about the hug from Metallo being when he knew he needed Lois in his life, but I honestly still think that moment between them in the rain was when he was confronted with the fact that he needed her as much as he did. That, out of everyone in his life, he could not let her go away from him.

Which is why he just held her for dear life instead of fighting her before the rain came. With his "It's going to be okay," he was reassuring himself just as much as he was reassuring her. And that beat when he almost kissed her? Guh!

For me, that whole scene is Clark's real "awakening" moment. He knew he needed her in Metallo, but Rabid is where he realized just how much he did. It was to him what Committed was to Lois IMO.
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