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So there was a video that was posted over a year ago after the episode Rabid aired (that I don't think got enough attention) that got me thinking of it after a comment made in this post, as well as something I noticed in the episode Booster this week as well.

The video is called - like the title of this post - "Smallville: Lois & Clark (Evolution of a Punch)" and can be found here:


In it, it traces almost all the instances where Lois on SV has punched Clark on the arm, up until Rabid where, for the first time ever, he finally stops her from doing it. (There are two punches missing from the video - there was one at the start of the episode Lucy in season 4, and there was another one on the street in the season 8 episode Stiletto, but all the others up until Rabid are in there which makes the point). And this moment, along with the moment in the rain, are my two most favorite Lois & Clark moments of that season, and are up there for top of the entire show. Because both moments, IMO, said so much with just little - to no - dialog.

After Rabid, Lois only punched Clark on the arm one more time in season 9 - that was in Idol. She punches him, turns to leave and then changes her mind, kicks the stack of newspapers over to him to stand on and kisses him.

Lois' shoulder punches with Clark have always been about breaking emotional moments with him almost all of the time. This was especially evident in Apocalypse and Idol IMO. For me, I have always pin-pointed Apocalypse as the episode were Lois' feelings for Clark began to grow more than she was ready to face at the time. Where she started to see him a little differently. Hence the quiet, awkward moment before she uses the shoulder punch to break the tension, and set things back to "yeah, he's my friend" mode for her.

What's telling in Apocalypse is that Clark seems to really - for the first time ever - suspect what Lois is doing by punching him like that. And, at the time when I first watched the episode, I wondered - was Clark really noticing Lois doing that - and suspecting why - in the script, or was that a directorial decision by Welling?

What got me wondering about it now is because, I think for the first time since they became a romantic couple - who are engaged to boot - Lois punched Clark on the shoulder again in Booster. And not only did she do it, but Welling, as a director, choose to - IMO - make note that she did by having the camera cut to a wide shot of them as she did it, before going in on a close up of Clark afterwards.

Skip to 1:24 to view the moment.

She's not trying to break an emotionally intense or awkward moment for herself here. At least, from what I can see. Is she trying to break one for Clark, who really is off-put by the idea of being a "bumbling" guy to disguise himself? (Which is a whole other subject that I wont get into here). I think one thing this moment clearly shows is that, even though they are now lovers and engaged to be married, they are still very much friends as well. They still banter and snark, and even get annoyed by the other on occasion. They are two people who have a crystal clear view of who the other person is, and accept each other fully on that. As Tom Welling said, Lois and Clark clearly enjoy each other's company.

And it's little things like this that make me wish we had gotten to spend more time with them as a couple this season.

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Date: 2011-04-26 01:36 pm (UTC)
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I agree completely. I also agree that we have not spent as much time with them as a couple this season as rumblings throughout the fandom would suggest....

I actually think Tom's quote about it pretty much sums it up brilliantly. As crazy as it may seem on a show that has been plagued with melodrama since the beginning....Clark and Lois legitimately enjoy each other's company. I've always felt that if I had to sum up Lois and Clark in one word and one word only....I would probably say: JOY. I think they are both happy and content around each other. Yes, I think they have beautiful chemistry. Yes, I think they can be sexy. I think they've proven multiple times that they can be extremely sexy. I think they their banter is fun and hilarious humorous. But I think the root of their relationship is that they feel joy in each other's presence and I don't think there is any other relationship on Smallville (let alone very many on television period) that have been rooted in that kind of joy.

Rabid is one of my favorite episodes ever. I think it was a fantastic episode for Clark from start to finish. I think the moment in the farmhouse when he stops the punch is probably one of the sexiest, most intimate---almost ALARMINGLY intimate---moments ever on the series.


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