Date: 2011-05-18 07:48 pm (UTC)
I'm fanwanking the Lex mindwipe, as it being a temporary mid wipe. Because we saw his flashback of "memoria" being wiped away too. And that means his family life is being wiped away. And that makes no sense because frankly it takes away everything that made Lex, Lex. And I mean everything. From the time he was 9 to 28 (or whatever)

So I'm guessing he got his memories back. Because *that's* the only way in my mind, that he becomes eligable, to run for president. He's meteor infected remember, and it *is* our Lex...the only reason there were no scars on his head was because his meteor related healing kicked in and kept his brain alive.

Someone, suggested that it didn't wipe his memories,just put a blanket over them for a time being. I think that's what they were going for but they didn't execute it well.


Chloe....*sigh* I find it hilarious that they could only give here storylines from films and nothing really original, because for someone who's touted as the original character, (if you call taking aspects of Lois, Lana,and Barbara an putting them into one person) her ending was just, white picket fence with 2.4 kids. I don't believe she is married to Ollie.

It was nighttime when Chloe was putting her kid to bed. It's midday in Metropolis. Oliver is on the West coast. There is *no* way they are living together, it's just not possible. Again, this was one of those other things where we're supposed to believe one thing but the logistics.....don't add up.

As for eveything else. I agree. I just wish they'd have plans for some sort of T.V movie to tie up those loose ends for sure but they don't *sigh*
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