Date: 2011-05-18 08:07 pm (UTC)
I agree with almost all of this. I loved all the clois scenes, and even the final 7 year fast forward was well done IF it was taken out of context to what came before. I don't doubt their deep commitment to each other and the symbolism of the rings do not bother me. I've been married almost 20 years, we don't wear wedding rings, never have.

For me, it is the meta reasons which irritate me so much. There was abolutely no reason to end that way, the only reason? Playing to the Donner verse. That is it. Why in the world is he calling her "Miss Lane"? Many working at the Daily Planet were at the wedding 7 years ago (Jeff, the intern to name one). Clark grabbed and kissed Lois the first time in the Daily Planet bull pen. Stern called them on their relationship in Charade. So why this game? If I were a co-worker, I'd assume they were playing out a fetish in public.

It just made no sense at all to the Smallville narrative. I've said this before, I would have had Clark snap the ring box closed, then open it again and say "back from the cleaners, promise to never do that again Miss Lane?" (or Mrs Kent, whatever) She rolls her eyes, he laughs and puts the ring on her finger, they focus on the blue of his superman suit peaking his sleeve,the ring and her hand. Done. Superman put the ring on Lois's hand.

No reason not to do that at all. Except some ridiculous need to play to the Donner verse.

DC did not request the Lex mind wipe. I can not fathom why they did this. For me, Lex & Clark was what kept me through the Clana until Lois came in to the picture. So destroying the 10 years for absolutely no reason confounds me.

I never ever thought they would a mind wipe. Ever. I argued against it left and right on k-site. This? I was wrong. They did do a mind wipe. Just not to the character everybody who posted about it wanted it to happen too. I find that delicious in it's irony and I have to laugh. Be careful what you wish for people. You got your mind wipe, just not the way you wanted it. HA!

But as story telling device? Lazy and stupid. And for no reason at all but to line up to a 33 year old movie nobody asked them to do. Honestly? After seeing this? I do believe if they could have gotten away with wiping Lois's mind they would have done it. They just knew they couldn't do it. I think the AoS and the subsequent anger and backlash saved Lois from that fate.

CGI Superman? Foolish. Souders and Peterson should have never framed the season around the suit and earning it back. There was no reason to make the suit a focal point at all. They knew if they were going to be able have Welling in the suit or not, so I blame them for poor story telling choices/devices.

The flying planet coming toward us? Boom tubes people. But I won't go in to that.

I loved Lois reading Clark's vows, the door scene and the aisle scene. Just loved those. I loved that Clark and Lois had almost word for word conversation walking down the aisle that Clark imagined with Lana in the Pilot. Take that Clana. LOL

And I loved those vows. Very sweet and true to them.

I just hated the Donner obsession, they ended not true to Smallville at all, but instead, imho, made the journey pointless. Especially with Lex's mind wipe.

I won't even talk about Chloe, Chlollie and the kid. I was angry, I feel a lot more peaceful about this. Though I can't watch old Clex scenes because well, what is the point?
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