Date: 2011-05-18 08:26 pm (UTC)
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And that means his family life is being wiped away. And that makes no sense because frankly it takes away everything that made Lex, Lex. And I mean everything. From the time he was 9 to 28 (or whatever)

Exactly. As I said elsewhere, how is Lex even a functioning human being when everything like that was mind-wiped (I actually missed the Memoria bit).

It makes absolutely no sense. It would have made more sense if he'd had holes or gaps in his memory after being rebuilt via the clone harvesting. But then, the Clark/Lex and Lex/Tess scenes couldn't have been what they were. So the writers tried to have it both ways and causing a plot whole so large it hurts to think about IMO.

And I do think it was a mind wipe - I have to check the scene with him and Tess again to make sure. She did specifically say he would remember nothing though, and that is the part I just can't shake about it.

Someone somewhere was able to read the address of the Fed Ex Chloe sent Lois, which give Chloe's location as Singapore. Who knows why she was there. Honestly, if I think too much about the hoops this show went to wrt Chloe just to pander to her fans who loudly kept saying they weren't watching for two years, I'll just go ballistic. So it's best I don't dwell on how pointless her arc was this season and how that time could have all been better used to flesh out the Darkseid plot.

I wouldn't say no to a TV movie, or even a real SV comic book. As long as both got some good writers for them.
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