Hostage to the Donner Verse

Date: 2011-05-18 09:38 pm (UTC)
As I said above..The rings within the story were not the problem for me. As I said, I don't wear a wedding ring, been married almost 20 years. I never changed my last name. I kid with my children, there are no outward signs (other than they both look a lot like me) that I am part of the family when we go out as a group. My name is different, no ring. I could run at any moment. They roll their eyes at me, I embarrass them with my super hero shirts and the dumb things I say. I remember feeling that way once upon a time..

After a lot of reflection on why I was so enraged following the finale. I've finally distilled it down.

DONNER VERSE! I didn't like it when I saw Superman 1 at the theater when I was 14. And I've been waiting since then for people to move past this. I guess I have to wait a little longer. Maybe it will never happen in my lifetime.

Smallville became another live action treatment held hostage to the Donner verse. 2-1 (SR, SV to LnC) And for no reason at all.

And even though it wasn't Lois who was mind wiped. They used that mind wipe tripe. I was hoping this would put an end to that stupid canard and next time anybody said mind wipe, Smallville could be held up as a beacon!

That mind wipe stain would be removed. Because Smallville did carry a lot of movie water (unlike LnC), and I was hoping they would end it showing it was possible to take some of the good things and take it in their own direction.

The end with the Miss Lane schtick was just ridiculous because the ONLY reason it was there was the Donner verse. It was completely out of place to the tv show. And made no sense at all.

Their commitment, the actual marriage (I mean come on, they're married, the vows were lovely, not exchanging rings doesn't change that they took their vows in front of witnesses and a magistrate. COME ON. They didn't sign the certificate after all the hoopla? I call foul. )

No, what angers me about all of this is it was all about making the ending as true as possible to the Donner Verse. And I don't think this was Geoff Johns doing. Because as much as he loves Donner and is great friends with him, and brought back the bumbling, he also modernized it and didn't regress by having Lois be the punchline. One of my favorite scenes is that final scene between Clois on the couch in Booster. It was an answer to all the stupid charges thrown at Lois over the years and I loved it.

So why end this way? DC didn't ask for it. But yet again held hostage to the Donner verse. It was silly.
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