Date: 2011-05-19 03:47 pm (UTC)
I love the "Ms Lane" role play. I think it's sexy as hell. I LOVE it when he calls her that in the comics. One of my favorite scenes from the comics is the issue (I believe on Valentine's Day) where Clark and Lois basically act out the terrace scene from Superman the movie but they are obviously already married and they are only doing it because it turns them on.

I also remember Kevin Smith had a lot of that stuff in his Superman script. He had a kink for him calling her Ms. Lane and for them pretending not to know each other because it turned them on.

And I's one of my major Clois kinks. I think it's hot.

For me it's not the role playing that bugs me. I love that Valentine Day comic story, but it is Superman who meets her on that roof and they are role playing their early "Miss Lane" days. She the awed reporter and he the smitten superhero. It is not just hot, I think, but really really sweet.

One of my favorite relationship stories is Superman 654 by Kurt Busiek where Clark is rushing around all day as Superman. He gets in trouble as Clark Kent, Lois saves him by finishing his stories. And during all this they are trying to celebrate an important anniversary.

What is that? The first time he took her flying. I just loved that scene and the way Busiek wrote Clark's thoughts about that day.

So those early "Miss Lane" days are very important to them, especially the Superman angle.

And I agree, when Lois said "can it", Clark completely reverted to his normal self, Lois even said "that is so hot" when he said it again. So yes, they love the interplay. And I think it has to do with Clark calling her that as Superman. He called her when he first talked to her as the Blur.

That isn't the "Miss Lane" schtick that bugs me. It is the Disguised Clark Kent calling her that for absolutely no reason. They've been working together for how many years? They're engaged, soon to be married. Why is Disguised Clark Kent calling her that? Are they pretending to be passing acquaintances at work? That just made absolutely no sense at all and to me was only there because of the 1978 movie, it was completely out of place for Smallville.

But when Superman says it? You bet. I see why and he does call her that in the comics sometimes. And when Lois said "can it" he became himself and that Miss Lane, to me, was Supermanly. And I totally agree, it is their kink.
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