Date: 2011-05-19 04:12 pm (UTC)
Yes, I agree. The no rings and the Lex mind wipe were to pander to that crowd. And that enrages me.

Removing Lex's memories to me was the deal breaker. I thought it was a very cheap and lazy thing to do all to pander to mythos whiners.

I am convinced if they thought they could have gotten away with it, they would have mind wiped Lois. I've said this before, but in retrospect, I believe the AoS ended up saving Lois from that fate. They saw the reaction to P/R, Durances fans were very vocal and I think that was a surprise to tptb. This outed the Lois fans and in turn made "us" a force to be reckoned with. I think they weighed their options.

Nope, can't mind wipe Lois, so we'll have that odd game on the stairwell where it looks as if they are pretending not to know each other, and look, no rings until he's Superman. Never mind it makes no sense at all to the story. We'll just do it.

Okay, we can mind wipe Lex, but not until Lex and Clark have their conversation, because that would remove all emotional resonance. So we'll remove the memories AFTER he's had his scenes with everybody. Fast forward and all of a sudden he is in that white suit (SQUUEEEEE fanboys, SQUEEEEEE) and President. How? Amnesiac found with a dead body? Right. Please.

So Lex is just inherently evil? Which contradicts the message in Luthor that being found by Lionel was enough to turn Clark in to a psychopath, never mind Jor-El said that already he could see Kal-El had his mother's compassionate nature.

The pandering encapsulated everything wrong for me with this show. They follow through their own story. They ignore inconvenient plot lines (Lana? Where the heck is she? Oh she wasn't in the 1978 movie, so who cares?! And voila, Jimmy! Wait? He looks a little old to be Jimmy and what? He is the exact replica of his dead brother).

I really feel there was a much better story left untold.

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