Date: 2011-04-26 01:58 pm (UTC)
I've actually always wondered if Welling or Durance were the ones to incorporate that bit into "Rabid" (the grabbing of the arm). Durance said - somewhere - that she was the one who came up with the arm punch to begin with. I always just thought that it was something that seemed to come out of the direction and moment & probably wasn't in the "Rabid" script.

I seem to recall that there was another arm punch in S10, but I don't remember which episode.

I've always loved the arm punches (from the first time Lois did it) because it was always - as you said - a way for Lois to diffuse the tension between her and Clark. Even before these two became romantically interested in each other, we could see the chemistry simmering there. So whenever Lois and Calrk would stare at each other for just a tad too long, Lois would break the moment by a quip and an arm punch. I loved it!

The flip side of that is awesome, too. Clark's reaction. He goes from being bemused to being amused. Then... as time goes on... he becomes curious about the arm punches. And - then - finally just grabs her arm to put her on notice that he knows it's for when she wants to stay in the friend zone & he's not having that. And... later... it becomes playful and loving.

Ah... I so love this couple.

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