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I guess I should warn everyone up front: this review isn't going to be all "happy, happy, joy, joy." It's not going to be an angry rant - there's no point in doing such a thing, at least for me, because the show is over . . . and I didn't hate the episode. There were many things I really loved and/or appreciated. But the faults were just so . . . faulty . . . that I can't just ignore them. Not when this episode contains the final statement on this show's take on Superman's Origins and, quite frankly, my favorite versions of Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor to date (outside of the comics of course).

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So there was a video that was posted over a year ago after the episode Rabid aired (that I don't think got enough attention) that got me thinking of it after a comment made in this post, as well as something I noticed in the episode Booster this week as well.

The video is called - like the title of this post - "Smallville: Lois & Clark (Evolution of a Punch)" and can be found here:


In it, it traces almost all the instances where Lois on SV has punched Clark on the arm, up until Rabid where, for the first time ever, he finally stops her from doing it. (There are two punches missing from the video - there was one at the start of the episode Lucy in season 4, and there was another one on the street in the season 8 episode Stiletto, but all the others up until Rabid are in there which makes the point). And this moment, along with the moment in the rain, are my two most favorite Lois & Clark moments of that season, and are up there for top of the entire show. Because both moments, IMO, said so much with just little - to no - dialog.

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So I haven't posted on SV since Luthor, mostly because - as I said a while back - in retrospect I've mostly been bored by this season. Before Masquerade, there were only two episodes out of the 11 that had aired at the time that I really loved: Homecoming and Ambush. Masquerade had now taken that total up to three.

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