Re: Hostage to the Donner Verse

Date: 2011-05-18 10:15 pm (UTC)
Agreed to playing like a fetish. BUT there are deeper issues for me. It looked to me as if Lois and Clark were pretending to be just acquaintances with that "Miss Lane" thing and Lois saying "can it Clark, nobody is looking". What? This is the answer to that lovely scene in Booster? The "what will people think about you?" question? They pretend NOT to be together? That makes no sense to me. Does Lois ignore Clark in public? That was my uncomfortable feeling?

So even though Lois knew, and I know they're married and come on, they're marred, no way that first wedding wouldn't be legal, all they needed was a witness and the minister to sign the certificate, they took their vows in front of everyone. I was left feeling WHAT? We're back to playing this game? Who do people think she's engaged to? How does she treat Clark in public?

In the current verse, it is with respect. She took his arm in Secret Origin and walked out with him. Why here are they pretending to not be on first name basis? Other than the fetish. Which I agree, I think the planet staff must think they're playing out in public.

Hell, Jonathan Kent only got killed in season five because of Donner worship/trying-to-align-with-Donner. So he got brought back here, with some scenes that worked and some that didn't, because of that mistake that was made years ago.

Al & Miles only ever knew the Donner films when it came to all of this, which accounts for them always pulling things from the movies. But the show, especially in the later Blur years, really should have dropped that stuff and not looked back. Even if I did love the fact that Tom's Clark and Erica's Lois got to have the John Williams Superman/Lois Love Theme played over their final scene together.

Yes. Exactly. This. A thousand times this.

Maybe Man of Steel will finally put a kabosh on all the Donner worshiping. Maybe.

I hope so. I'm NOT getting any younger. I was happy when I read the MoS folks really liked Birthright and Secret Origin. So while I'm expecting some bumbling, I am not expecting Lois to be Kidder-esque. For me, if MoS gets rid of that silly "Miss Lane" dynamic and Lois treats Clark with respect and an equal like she did in Birthright and Secret Origin, I will be very very very very happy!
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