Date: 2011-05-19 01:50 am (UTC)
Well, you and I have already talked about the finale at length so you know how I feel at this point.

It's odd because I liked the finale a lot. I think I liked it more than you did. It hit all the emotional notes that it needed to hit for me. That being said, I don't necessarily disagree with any of your issues with it. And I guess that's kind of odd because it might seem as though because I agree with pretty much everything that you said that I didn't like the episode much and that's not true.

I completely understand why people are upset about the Lex mindwipe. And I completely agree that the entire situation left some serious plot holes. And yet...I know it sounds insane....but when it happened...there was a part of me that felt as though it was the greatest kind of poetic justice. I loved the Clark/Lex dynamic. I think one of the things that fascinated me the most was that Lex coveted Clark so badly. He coveted everything about him. He wanted to love him and he wanted to be him and he wanted to steal everything he had and he loved him so badly and coveted him so badly that it grew into hate. There was something very poetic, to me, to see what Lex treasured and coveted so deeply--Clark---taken away from him in that moment with Tess. I know that probably makes no sense. And I totally understand why other people had a problem with it. It's funny because I told my husband about the controversy with Lex because I was curious about what he thought. As i've told you, he's a Smallville fan but he's never been on the boards so he really has no idea what the fandom thinks about these things. And he said that he thought it was kind of cool. He saw it the same way I did. I'm not saying this is the right way to see it. But it's just interesting that we watched it together and we both came away feeling like it was poetic justice that what Lex ultimately loved the most--Clark--was taken away. I also picture in my mind this idea that the memories aren't gone for good and that Lex discovering the truth and uncovering those memories will be a constant source of stress in the future for Clark. I could even see Lex remembering at some point in the future and concealing from Clark that he knows. The possibilities are playing out in my mind. That being said, I do not begrudge people who hated it.

I love the "Ms Lane" role play. I think it's sexy as hell. I LOVE it when he calls her that in the comics. One of my favorite scenes from the comics is the issue (I believe on Valentine's Day) where Clark and Lois basically act out the terrace scene from Superman the movie but they are obviously already married and they are only doing it because it turns them on.

I also remember Kevin Smith had a lot of that stuff in his Superman script. He had a kink for him calling her Ms. Lane and for them pretending not to know each other because it turned them on.

And I's one of my major Clois kinks. I think it's hot.

I totally understand the very legitimate questions about how they were behaving at the Daily Planet and I totally agree that it was odd that he called her Mr. Lane the FIRST time around. I guess, to me, he was playing with her right from the beginning---playing up the bumbling act. And the reason she said " can it" was basically to say, "You don't have to pretend to be a dork right now. You can be suave. No one is looking."

I think the biggest mistake the show made over and over again was pandering.

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