Date: 2011-05-19 07:19 pm (UTC)
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I agree with you on the role-playing being a Clois kink that's hot. I love it too honestly (yes, I remember that V-day story).

Though I have to also agree with Lisa that him calling her that at the start of the scene is a problem. Not a make or break problem for me, personally, but still. Logically, it made no sense.

I'm happy you can find poetry in what happened to Lex. For me, poetic for him would have been his best friend becoming his sworn enemy and the city looking to Superman as a great and powerful man, and Lex not being viewed as that anymore.

It like, the line/exchange between Superman and Lex in the pilot of LnC. He tells Lex that if he ever wants to find him, to just look up. Before that moment, Lex had everyone in the city looking up to him, symbolized by the fact that his building of LexCorp was the tallest building in the city. But with Superman in town, now people would look up past Lex to Superman.

I was hoping for something similar here with Lex and Clark, only with the added weight that Lex knew that this was his former best friend who everyone was looking up past him towards. And Lex was now pretty much all alone - no friends, no family, everything Clark was afraid would happen to him. But, on top of that all, Lex would now be below Clark in how the city - the world - viewed him.

So I guess, for me, the mind wipe was the easy way out instead of continuing to the logical - and truly tragic - end that we could have gotten to the Clark and Lex story.
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